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Our New Manager Playbook includes best-practice from successful management training courses at hundreds of high-growth companies to help you kickstart your own program. 

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Get the Playbook

“I can’t read another blog post about ‘leadership.  Where do I even start?”

“This course isn’t relevant to life at a startup”

“There’s no way our managers will find time for this”

“Is this even going to work?” 

“Not another webinar”

It’s hard to find the right approach to training first-time managers

Get Started with Confidence

Not sure where to start? Our playbook gives you an instant foundation for understanding what good manager training looks like and how you can apply it at your company.

Simple, powerful framework for training managers across 8 ‘sprints’ of 1-2 weeks each

Based on best-practice from hundreds of startups

Focus on the most important topics

Becoming a first-time manager is one of the most challenging career transitions.  Our playbook highlights the key skills they need to focus on rather than overwhelming them with unnecessary information.

8 core topics including feedback, 1:1 meetings, career development, and delegation.

Concise, practical advice

Discover effective learning techniques

Most manager training fails because it’s not engaging enough.  Our playbook gives you a proven course structure which combines learning new concepts, practicing new skills, and learning from peers.

Practical ‘learn, do, discuss’ approach

Effective learning with only 1.5 hours commitment per week

What Will You Build?

Method manages regulatory obligations, verifying identities, and collaborates with banks, allowing you to concentrate on development.